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Money at School

When children bring money to school, please place it in a school payment envelope, labelled with the child’s name, class, what the money is for and the amount enclosed.

Student Absence

If your child is absent from school, please send a note upon return to school, giving a reason for the absence.  Or alternatively communicate reasons through uEducateUs or email  If a child has arrived late to school or is to leave early, please come in to the school office and sign them in/out on the uEducateUs Kiosk located on the reception desk.

Personal Items at School

Please discourage your child from bringing toys or games to school as these have a habit of being accidentally damaged.

Emergency Contact

In the event of an accident or illness the school requires a current emergency telephone number and contact person.  If there is any change to your emergency contact details, please notify the school immediately.

Medical Conditions

If a child has an illness or condition, for example, asthma, epilepsy or an allergy, please advise the classroom teacher.  Written details informing staff of the condition and its treatment are required.  A medical form is available from your classroom teacher, school office or download.



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School Uniform Price List & Order Form

Booking Form for Tyers Primary School After School Care

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